Key Steps to Succession Planning:

1. Understand Strategic Vision / Direction

2. Understand Goals and Business Requirements

3. Define Organization Structure (current and projected)

4. Identify Sponsoring Executives

5. Identify Coaches

6. Identify Administrative Support (for tracking process)

7. Conduct Functional Workforce Analysis (employee morale and engagement)

8. Identify Key Business Processes (Positions)

9. Identify Critical Business Processes (Positions)

10. Define Job Requirements for Critical Positions

11. Identify Target Departments, Units for Implementation

12. Required implementation components present (executive sponsorship, coaches, benchmarks developed, eligible successors)

13. Evaluate Incumbents

14. Identify Key Business Metrics


“Assessments can play a very powerful role in strategic workforce and succession planning by giving an organization a common language and process for evaluating and discussing current and future talent needs”