To hire the best people, you need to have a structure recruitment & selection process…we want to win the talent war and having implemented the assessments from Performance Improvement help us dramatically…we have improved in all the significant recruitment metrics such as quality of hire, the time of hiring, retention and costs associated to hiring…our employer Brand is stronger than ever.
Alejandro Gomez
Training and Recruiting Manager, Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico

In the challenging economy that we live today, our organization has had to reinvent. For this, we used as our guide, among others, the results of the tools provided by Performance Improvement. Taking an accurate picture of the skills of our human capital, we have developed training and mentoring programs to take us to transform ourselves and to successfully face organizational changes. Not only have we received from Performance Improvement a product, but also the necessary mentoring has led us to making good decisions at the right time. Performance Improvement has become our ally in the search for viable alternatives for succession and organizational restructuring.

Victor Maldonado
Executive Vice President, Puerto Rico Economic Development Bank


Performance Improvement as a HRD partner contribute with their products for profile evaluation given to job candidates as accompaniment in the selection process of new employees for our clients. The result … the selection of the best candidate supported by job fit compatibility, a high performance employee and completely satisfied customers. Excellent investment.
Carmen V. Calcano,
CP, PHR President, Human Resources Diversified Group, Inc.


We chose Performance Improvement when embarking on a cultural transformation in our organization Bard Puerto Rico, and analyze that one of the key points in this transformation was our people; our human talent. Profiles assessments helped us identify needs and also assess the strengths. We also used them for talent mobility within the Company for promotion and / or progressive steps by competencies strengths. I will continue using these tolos en any talent process.
Josie Barnes
Sr Director of Human Resources, CR Bard Puerto Rico